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World Cup Straw Hats, China football Straw Hats, Wholesale soccer straw hats, customized nation team straw hats in our China Hats Factory
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World Cup Straw hat , China hats factory and wholesaler making all kinds of football straw hats, soccer straw hat, Fans straw hat,customized straw hat.


There are so many world cup straw hats, football straw hats, soccer straw hats, fans straw hats in our factory, we can make any customized straw hats with your logo, team flag, badges or any pictures you like for your team, any your inquiries are welcome.straw hats are kinds of Rain-proof sunshade hats. Using various Grass braid , wheatgrass, wolf grass ,gold silk grass and raffia as raw materials, through floating dying, weaving and fixing the shape. Some straw hats are decorated with bands, some silk and tape, or sew with silk flower, velvet flower, feather and woolen fleece ,etc.. Divided into handmade straw hats, machinestraw hats and woven straw hats.

On World Cup, a lot of football fans in Mexico wear the large straw hat on top of their heads , some women football fans even hang up two pieces of straw hats model on the front breast. Mexico held the ninth World Cup, host confirmed 1970 Mascot " Juan Antonio tower " one little boy, worn the Mexican straw hat, in soccer shirt. We can say, the large straw hat is " second national emblem " of Mexico in certain meaning . As National dress Inalienable part, it has recorded history of Mexico from the particular angle, reflect social life and local conditions and customs of this country, refract Mexicans' personality characteristic totally.

China straw hats process:

Strat hat , of course are making by woven straw, you can be treating them as a special brimmed hats. Those hats are made by most natural straw, which are most comfortable and fashionable, using machine to form them shaped and then weaved manually by workers. But before handled by men, they need to be soften by steam or hot pater. So, you can see, to an extent, straw hats are different from woven caps as they need a special man-handle process. You can easliy to know that, more larger, complicated hats will be more expensiver as need much more time and efforts by workers.

China straw hats history:

China straw hats have a long development as well. In ancient times, most farmer would like to labouring in summer, wearing such simple “brider brim hats” , which are rudiment of straw hats. Straw hats have been accompanying with Chinese farmer until today. To an extent, Straw hats represent the wisdom, intelligence and perspiration of them. Straw hat has a long history as we all know.  European and African wearing straw hats in summer to protect themselves from sunstroke long times ago. Those hats with “ large brim” can be a good headgear to cool your head during the hot day.  They have been well developing due to different enviroment and culture, for example, most famous styles are Panama straw hats, Conical straw hats, Boater straw hats.
For now,  with development of times, straw hats now become more and more fashionable and diversiform. They are not only classified and popular in many classes. You can see all people men, women, old or yuang, wearing straw hats anywhwere and  any time. Of couse, there are so many choices with different material, design, colors there, to fit different people. Straw hats have become and simbol of fashion nowadays.

Straw hat information in our China hat factory:

1. China Straw hat material:
 First, natrual straw, including raffia straw, longya straw, seagrass straw, mat straw, pu straw,  hollow heart straw, com straw, wheat straw, etc.
 Second, paper straw, pu etc., including paper braid straw, paper rope straw, paper cloth straw,  lala straw, etc.
 composition can be 100% wheat, 100% paper  etc.

2.  Size: 58-60cm

3.  Workmanship: handmade.  Have different weaves, like plain , braid weavers etc
   t can be with or without decorative ribben.
   colors can be natural , plain dyed or spray-printed colors like customer.

4. measurement: 58*40*70 or can be with requirement of customer.

5. Packing: 100pcs/carton, 50pcs/opp bag.  Can pack according to client’s.

6. fuction: can be used anywhere worldwide.

7. designs: can be plain normal style, natural stye, with stipe, ribbon or band decorative, with vents,   satin bands, feather and beads triming, ajustable sweatband etc.

8. wearing comfortable and having fashionable, prevent ultraviolet ray and it is ventilated



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