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Knitted Hats, China Knitted Hats, Wholesale Knit hats in our China Hats Factory
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Knitted hat , China hats factory and wholesaler making all kinds of Knitted hats, Knit hat, 100% cotton knit hat, acrylic knit hat.

China Knit Hats

Knitting hats, Knitted hat, is commonly called as " nice hairy fleece hats" ,some places can call them beanies. Knitted hats are made by wool or arylic or polyester fiber as raw materials, weave and arranged by the knitting machine , and then knit it out. There can be various patterns through the jacquard technology. The upper part of knit hat look like round tube-shape, the top part sews to close up, decorated with the pompon or other trims. the underpart can roll over the turn-ups fold into type upwards. The knitting hat is elastic, cold-proof and of good performance, can also weave by oneself with the knitting wool.

Knit hats can vary from different styles, based upon styles or making technology. A tuque is a kind of knitted hat, originally of wool though now often of synthetic fibers, that is designed to provide warmth in winter. Many places called this hats beanies. Most tuques are tapered, they sometimes have ear-flaps, and may be topped with a pom-pom, this style of tuque is sometimes referred to as a sherpa. Gerenally speaking, all hats without brims we can call them beanies, but not every knitted hats we can call beanies. Saying knitted hats, was based upon the knitting and crotching technology. Knitting hats or beanies, Tuques may have a folded brim, or none, and may be worn tightly fitting the head or loose on top although the latter is considered more standard. The term originated in Canada, but now more and more styles of knit hats are developed by China as majority of the knit hats in the world are made in China.
The precursor to the modern tuque was a small, round, close-fitting knit hat, brimless or with a small brim. In the 12th and 13th centuries, women wore embroidered toques, made of arylic, velvet, satin, fleece or taffeta, on top of their head-veils. In the late 16th century, brimless, black velvet knitted hats were popular with men and women. Throughout the 19th century, women wore knitted hats, often small, trimmed with fur, lace, bows, flowers, or leaves. Chinese people are seldom to wear knit hats before, even at northern part of China. If you see a Chinese wearing a knit hat , they will find this guy is really fashion like foreigner. But now, more and more Chinese People wear the knit hats gradually in winter, with acceptance of other culture , because they found this knit hat not only will be a good warm keeper in winter, but also a kind of fashion or decoration as well. Now those knit hats are produced by factories anywhere in China, but need to ponit out, for knit hat, factory in Shanghai making the top quality.
Below you can see some of our information for knit hats,

China Knit Hat material: 100%Acrylic , 100%Cotton, 100%wool, 100% polyester, polyester/cotton, acrylic/wool, rayon, fleece, mohair , blended material.
China Knit Hat style: striped knit hats, plain knit hats, jacquard knit hats, checked knit hats, dobby knit hats, twill knit hats.
China Knit Hat pattern: Embroidered. Plain dyed. Yarn dyed. Printd. Tie-dyeing.

China Knit Hat Packing: Packing vary with customers requirement



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