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China Hat Development


It is said in China hats began from emperor Huang, first ancestor of China, who had invented the hat at first. Slave society period hats are used by rule stratum generally for bureaucrat just at the beginning, not because for keeping warm simply, but decoration and identification function. Signify that rules power and honourable position. Hat that in this period should be called " crown " ,Only emperor and civil and military minister can wear the hats, showing its status and power's levels, form one classification of bureaucrat, is the so-called Chinese ancient coronet system, " adult time" says " 20 adults, the person will allow to wear hats,It is obviously only officer, noble , business man with respectation ,can take the hats, other citizen and ordinary have not worn right of the hats. The hats that Emperor wear called “The crown " at ancient time and the court official wore called"  Preceded " ,which are really different. In the Qin dynasty  and the Warring States Periods, like Confucius, Mencius such a university person can't wear the hats either, but use "  The handkerchief head " Wrapped up the head, and educate students to establish " the willing of the high crown " ,It is a carriage and crown, the crown is a hat, the official career that just acts the official and goals, it is obvious that it is officer's only privilege to take the carriage and wear the cap at that time. General common people ordinary people can only use " The piece of cloth " Stand up by bunch hair, the poor can be said, wear hair dishevelled or tie up with rope the hair bunch.
The hat is regarded as sign and symbol of the position and power inside the ruling class, although go through it towards the transition in successive dynasties, but never changed, there is a very great change has arisen in the design, but the symbol identifications of power and position are more specify and more accurate, until the end in Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China sets up and this is cancelled.

With the development of society, by Wei Jin and the Northern and Southern Dynasties period, social turmoil, the coronet begins to be popular to folk Confucianism refined scholars of people begin to have worn crown or some hats, wrap clouds brown by prolong and stand for a long whiling " in people land machine " whether deep and other nation people compose " the Jin Dynasty . The moustache people in the North bring a kind of real one at this moment "  The hats" ," fur hats "  ,But general "  Chinesizing " Have not stood up popularly.

In Sui and Tang dynasties, social productivity was developed, the social culture was opened gradually, especially held the opening atmosphere in Tang, hat signify, desalinize gradually specially, flow into as one symbol of status on folk gradually ,General scholar and rich businessman and his sons and younger brothers can wear the hats, but there are still differences, have fixed design, have typical intellectual scholar hat and businessman hat.

Relatively prevail in five generation and period Song. Common people can stand up, wrap up, with cloth hair bunch, the kerchief worn by male scholars of the Ming Dynasty " . In Yuan Dynasty, a northern nomadic nation's hat began popular gradually, there were fur hats, felt hat, hat that emperor wear have make precious fur too stud with pearl in Yuan Dynasty. In Ming Dynasty, has resumed the Hans' " coronet " System. After becoming owner of China, the hats can be really getting popular, During the emperor in Qing Dynasty, people can all wear the hats from emperor, noble to poor people. This kind of situation kept lasting until last years of Qing Dynasty, Western culture was spread into, Western hat culture spread into and this enabled " the hat " Generally getting popular in the society, there were the businessman to the bureaucrat, the beggar to the carter, can see and attend to the gentleman with noble hat of the banquet in the movie and television and people wear to the carter who is played rickshaw of the felt hat, beggar who even put the money with the hat. The hat has been popularized, its practical value begin to works.

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