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Most famous 6 hats in history

1 .  Bicorne

this is the most famous hat , call Napoleon hats too 
Napoleon is a famous military strategist, politician from the end of the 17th century to the beginning of the 18th century of France. Leave a lot of brilliant contribution in history. But famous at the same time with him, there is that hat on his heads. 

    Napoleon wore this kind of bicorne, which are favorates of the local people of imperial lineage of various countries preferred. What interesting is, it is said Napoleon like this hat, because he is too short, this kind of two high and large corner brim hats has just remedied this defect. Oh, nowadays still collecting two corner hats that Napoleon wore inside Glorious place of Paris.


The beret is a kind hats , which does not have brim, rule army cap, usually the sign of personnel of detached force, as the armies of some countries, special force and airborne troop. When mention on it, everybody will remember mighty special force.
    It is said the beret originated from ancient Greece and Rome, it is Romans and the main trade merchandise of peripheral city at that time, but there were colored berets at that time. 
    The army that wore the beret first in history was a British army. During the First World War, expeditionary army of Britain to the Continental Europe, some officers and men wear berets. 
    U.S.A. once set up a special force in World War II, commonly called as because its team member wears the green beret "  Green beret " 


3.Turkish felt hat
It was once the favorite of two generations of Moroccan prince Hassan of the sixties.
Sultan Mahmud is ruling Turkey at that time in two generations in 1800, he demands to wear this kind of texture softness and felt hat without brim , as a kind of ornament worn in Turkey at that time, that is to say the Turks at that time must all wear to go out. This rule lasts and was not abolished until 1925. 


4. Round top Hat
That hat that Charlie Chaplin took. It was developed by the Englishman James in 1850. The initial point of design, is to make use of hard type material to protect the head.
    In London of Britain, the hat was once symbol of British gentleman culture until declining gradually in 1960 times, most British young people had not seen those hats as the look of the formal full dress today. 


 5. Egyptian crown
The Egyptian crown is a symbol of the mainly supreme right in the prefecture, the front part is decorated with Egyptian cobra's model. Though it only appears and popular with the ancient Egyptian noble of imperial palace. But has gained common people's sight with the unique model.


6 The stovepipe hat
The stovepipe hat is a kind of hat for men of wide side brim, flat top, high tube hats in initial stage of the 20th century in later period of the 19th century. It is the ornament of president Lincoln , most significant at the same time. 
except that his thin and weak stature.
It is said those stovepipe hat it appears to be in China for 1775 year earliest, hat manufacturer of Guangdong  customizes such tall and big hat for French noble in China at that time, in order to reveal their prestige in China. But it become popular until the 19th century really. At that time, British gentleman coherent standard it dresses up to be like civilization rod generally, wear the large hat, wear the straight suit, wear the bright leather shoes.

Below you can see all the hats with their development and history, even right now , some of those hats are still classic.

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