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Beanies, China Beanies, Wholesale Beanies in our China Hats Factory
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Beanies , China Beanies factory and wholesaler making all kinds of beanies, wholesale beanies with competitive prices.

China Beanies

What is beanies? Beanies are kinds of brimless hats. Beanie is a kind of common, popular and classic headwear worldwide. You can see them anywhere, at street, at bar, at fashion show even at home. Beanie is a kind of winter hats, which is worn during the winter or some cool seasons in many places to keep one’s head warm, accordingly, they are made by wool, felt or some fiber like acrylic, polyester and cotton. Beanies are normally weaved by yarn, using the techniques of knitting and crochet. In some English speaking countries, beanie means knit hat or tuque. Now more and more people in the world refer beanie to knit hats. In China, if you talk about beanies, they must consider them as knit hats.

Beanies are really polular in school boys in the early to mid-20th century. These were some simple beanies, either with or without a brim, usually with an logo of the institution and often with the class year, and usually made of wool. It was usually required that students wear these beanies at all times when they were on campus for the entire freshman year. But in nowdays, beanies become more and more polular in all classes, not only students but many people wear beanies. It’s gradually become a kind of headgear to keep warm and some fashionable factors in winter. In China, chinese people use to wear other hats insteaded of beanies in winter. They though those hats are strange and would like to wear more trational ones, so in the past few years, beanies are seldom to China. But now, affected by western culture, more and more fashion ideal and factor enter into gate of China, more and more Chinese accept this beanies gradually, they are more willing to wear such tight-simple and practical headgear in winter.

What fabric can our China factory make for beaines? Beanies materials varies, for expensive and good quality one, can be made by wool, special merino wool, which is a kind of good quality material. If using merino wool, you can choose mercerized, 16.5-20.5 micron. Another kind of expensive top quality material is cashmere, which regarded as “ soft gold” in China, this fabric is soft, keep warm and moisture absorption. Of course those prices will be higher. For normal polular styles, beanies are made by fleece, cotton, acrylic polyester ,nylon and some mixed fiber. For prices consideration, cotton and acrylic will be higher than polyester.

China beanies fabric choice :
For style look, fabric differences,  beanies can devided into short, long beanies, heavy grained beanies, ribbed knit beanies, striped ribbed knit beanies, waffle beanies, Angola stretch beanies, twister skully beanies, haggi beanies, veloured polar fleece beanies, fleece beanies, classic solid knit beanies, acrylic beanies, micro polar fleece beanie, chenille cuff beanie, raggwool cuff beanie, American mohair rib cuff beanie, jersey knit beanie, rolled boder beanie, floppy hemp and silk beanies, cotton nettle beanies, etc.

China beanies pattern:
For techniques, they can be striped, jacquard, checked, dobby, plain and twill beanies, etc.
China beanies application:
For logo application on beanies, we can make all plain dye, print, embroidery and yarn dyed.


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