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Wholesale hats, China wholesale hats, Wholesale hats business and status in China.

Wholesale HatsChina Wholesale Hats


Wholesale hats and caps in China

From this article , you will know wholesale hats and caps business in China, because so many customers overseas don’t understand for our work and services, don’t know how the wholesale business running and just thought they were simply bought like ebay, sometimes even felt very strange and angry, so you can see and get to know now. but before that, we need to know and would like to ask, What is wholesale? We must get answer for this and then talk about the features of caps and hats wholesale business in China.
“Made in China” is one of the most recognizable labels in the world today due to the large manufacturing industry of rapidly developing China. The country is the largest exporter in the world and the made in china label can be seen on a huge range of goods from clothing to electronics. Well known all over the world, Chinese products are practical and competitive prices. Many countries would like their designs come to reality in China due to the cheap labour force in China. So , you can see, so many OEM orders, which are the most commom way of Chinese wholesaler take orders from overseas. To an extent, you can say, Chinese factory are always copying the other famous products. See, but in other words, we can say, Chinese products really meet the standard of some famous products. Ok, since China has become “ world factory” let ‘s see what we call “ wholesale” .

Features of wholesale business in China.
Wholesaling, jobbing, or distributing is defined as the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users, or to other wholesalers and related subordinated services.  In general, it is the sale of goods to anyone other than a standard consumer. What’s the most important features of wholesale business?  For sure, Large quanity. If you only need just afew products, why not buy them directly from the shop and retailer, which is easy and convenient. Wholesale business in China, not only bigger quanity required, sometimes you need to know the channels of sales, for example, distributors, resalers, retailers, drop shop keeper, re wholesaler and so on. Simplify, every wholesaler need to make the supply chain well. Bottom cheapest prices willl be definitely provided by wholesaler as well. Since prices need to be very low, problem arise here, not every your customer need the same products with so many quanity, maybe different styles but small quanity each style? So , it’s hard for wholesaler to satisfy with every retailer or resaler.  Usually , wholesale business requires big quanity and has their minimum order quanity for every merchandise. Customer if wants to make some customized products with their lovely own design, need to check your quantity frist and then discuss others. So, “ large quanity, cheap price” really basic rule in wholesale business.
Another important factor for wholesale business, is the procedure, both bulk production and order operation. Someone will doubt here, why we need to know this production process as this will effect your payment terms, delivery date and price breakdown, etc. from above you can see, wholesale business normally need large quanity, so here the problem comes, since the quantity is so big, could every wholesaler make bulk production without any money? Could they finish all the bulk on time? Could they keep their good quality as preproduction sample?

Wholesale hats, wholesale caps available conditions and terms in China hat factory.

Don’t be anxious, we can work it out one by one.  
First, payment, normally wholesale hats and caps business in China, take orders from abroad, normally need down payment or deposit, 30%-50% is reasonable. As some customer in other countries may fell unhappy, we did not see anything , even never heard them before, but have to pay first?  Actually , you may think about the wholesaler, they just need to get some payment to arrange row material only, another question is to judge the sincere of customer to place the order. Just remember, that is not only 5-6 products, but thousands and millions, if customer cancel the order without any negotiation and without any deposit, wholesaler will cause loss. So, next time, when you receive the deposit requirement from your wholesaler, don’t be overreactted.
Secondly, delivery date, which is the very important factor buyers are always caring about. Since quanity is large, if wholesaler delay, you have no good way to solve it. But before that, when you placing the order, you may probably know the quanity and how many appoximate days could they finish, asking the wholesaler to make a production schedule and you will know each step of the whole production. For sure, that will not grantee nothing will be delay, but it really helps.
Third, quanity problem, I think different customer have different way of controlling quality, know their wholesaler production capability before you placing your order, stating the issue on the contract for the quality iuuse, setting your QC to check every steps in the production schedule, etc. but most imporant things, you need to find a good supplier.
Wholesale caps, wholesale hats in China. Which place in China making the best caps and hats?

Ok, now you can have an overview of China wholesale business, especially for export here. So , next, we are going to see hats and caps wholesale business in China. As we all know, caps and hats are accessories and they are commom consumptions. Most famous caps like NY, YANKEE, FILA, ADDIDAS, NIKE, they have their own caps , majority made in China. Take overview of caps and hats factories and manufacturers in China, there are few places to make wholesale caps and hats business, in northerm part ShangDong province, HeBei province, where produce the most cheapest price caps, but quality isstill poor accrodingly, those caps and hats are just for promotional sales or giving awayorder only. If you are care more about pricing but not quality, there will be good choice for you. In ZheJiang Province, Suzhou province, there are some good factories of caps and hats there, for example, in ZhangJiangGang, in TaiZhou, many caps are good quality and selling very competitive prices. The overall quality with prices are good. That’s the best choice for commom customers, who care more about prices, as well as quality control. So, you may want to know, Where place can make and represent the top quality , or number 1 in China? For sure, the answer is Shanghai. Caps and hats factories in Shanghai, majority of them are making the top quality caps with higher prices, like the famous caps companies, have placed OEM orders to shanghai factories for many years. Workers here are most professional and earn more money here as shanghai is the most prosperous Commecial place in China. Even some factories, have already treated caps quality as art, they even won’t take any order, earning more money but make the rubish quality caps and hats. One of the boss said, “ we don’t wanna take any poor quality hats order, even we can earn more money from this order, because we need to always keep the top quality, if we take this poor hats order, only few months and few orders, the workers will get used to it and they can never make the top quality hats any more.”  So, caps and hats manufacturering in shanghai, for sure, can represent the top quality standard of this industy in China. Many famous caps companies like to place an order to shanghai factory.

In our caps and hats factory, there are so many wholesale straw hat, knitted hat, fedora hat, safari hat, coyboy hat, bucket hat. All of them are good quality with competitive prices. There are some information and peremeters listed on website, but more products you can contact us.
Wholesale hats normally need to reach basic MOQ, different hats with different pocily, which you can refer to sub-pages of each style hats.  For samples, normally, wholesale hats require large quanity, but current existing hats in our stock can be sent out free to you but need customer to pay for the express charge. For some wholesale customized hats with customers design or logo, we need to develop a new mould or pattern, arrange fabric and print, embroidery to make them reality, so , in this case, we need to charge customer sample fee which can be refunded back after customer place us wholesale hats order.

China wholesale caps, wholesale hats trade and export situation review.


In recent years, wholesale hats and caps export volume are Rapidly increasing, as caps and hats are basic regular comsumption for daily lifes, so there are large quanity required in different markets from different countries. You can take a quick view by clicking the link here to check that :  China caps export situation
General speaking, wholesale business in China, we can say, products made in China, playing an very important role to the world. Now, you can see products with label “ made in China” all over the world. For USA, products from China, reduceing total of 700 billions cost of their daliy comsuption of American. That’s why so many countires would like to buy those competitive products in China. Meanwhile, companies in those countries also complaint, this break the rules and bring them more challenges. But overall look, this is definitely good to world global economy.



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