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Panama Hats , China Panama Hats, Wholesale Panama Hats in our China factory
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 panama hats


panama hat


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 panama hats


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China Panama Hat, Wholesale panama hats with competitive price in our China hats factory.

Panama hats, we normally call them panama in hats field, is a kind of traditonal and classic straw hat. They are brimmed hats of Ecuadorian origin that is made from the plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant. You will possibly think the ' Panama hat ' was originally from Panama. In fact, the country of origin of this kind of hats is Ecuador. In the middle period of the 19th century, Panama was a main passway between American west bank and Europe, majority of the businessmen of Ecuador export the straw hat to Europe. those straw hats very welcome to the Europeans that went to the Californias through Panama, during the period of “ gold seeking hot” days, so, though the country of origin of the straw hat is Ecuador, people still keep to call that ' the Panama hat '. In fact, the origin of the straw hat can trace back several centuries to Spaniards.
Panama hat is a famous hat now. Panama hats are often seen as headgear to summer-weight suits such as linen or silk. Beginning around the turn of the 20th century, panamas began to be associated with the seaside and tropical locales, such as Brighton or the Caribbean. With the many advantages of function, They are usually preferred over felt hats in such climates for they are light colored, light weight, and breathable. The Panama is preferred for travel because its design allows it to return to its original shape after being folded in a suitcase. Beginning in the late 1960s, hats in general were worn less often. However, the Panama seems to be one of the few hats to survive the tests of time. Men can still be seen sporting a Panama in the tropics. It is, by no means, as popular as it was during the golden age of hats, but it is still surviving. So, that’s why we can say, panama hat is a kind of traditional and classic hat. You can see so many figure made so well by actors in hollywood, wearing such kind of straw hats, especially on the venture movie.
Panama hat is well spreaded to southern of US, so now those panama hats have become simbol of Jezz music guys. Because of the eco-friendly products and enviroment protection reason, there are so many fashionble and ligher factors added to panama hats. Panama hats have been put much focus on either super star or street boys. With netral dress match with tshirts and jeans or rock guys with darker clothes, Panama play an beautiful collection role. Even US president Theodore Roosevelt were wearing those hats when he visited panama.
Panama hats are well worn by Chinese people athough most of them don’t know their name. Now you can see more and more Chinese wearing those hats in anywhere, we sell so many hats every year, both domestic and abroad.


Here let’s see some details of panama hats in our China hat factory and see what we wholesaler can do for you,

China panama hat material: 100% paper straw

China panama hat capability: 10,000pcs per day.

China panama hat logo: OEM service, any design, logo we can make according to custmoers requirement.

China panama hat packing: 100pcs/carton, at customers option.

China panama hat minumum order quanity: 1000pcs/order, for some simple style, 500pcs/order.

China panama hat sample date: 7-10 days, depends on style.

China panama hat payment terms: T/T, L/C WEST UNION



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