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Felt hat

Origin about the felt hat, there is a  Shaoxing Story for longtime in China. It is said 2000 years ago king GouJian period, there were several hunters to make an appointment to get hunting, having injured a big tiger, the tiger enters the cave and kills in spite of wound. There is still little tiger just born nearby. After lifting tigers and catching tigers, the hunter found there a felt form of fabric bottom that the little tiger has lain, which is strong and soft,  bright and warm. There are made by animal fur. originally, the hunter then have feeling good, inspired by this, the felt hat was from this evolution in China. But the legend is a legend after all, study felt hat carefully, you will found has long history.

Felt hat in ChinaChina hat factory, wholesaler making all kinds of felt hats with competitive prices.

The most famous felt hat in China, must be felt hat of ShaoXing, with both sides black, the felt hat of Shaoxing, China have a good shape, which Can have function of sunshade and the sweating abording in summer, wind-privending, cold-protecting in winter , has already acted as the bamboo rain-hat, as well as the straw hat again, except on extreme heat day, available four seasons. economical and practical, peasant, carpenter and bamboo craftsman at that time, stone act as, play ironsmith, fishing people, wine workmanship, chief crewman of a wooden boat, tinfoil paper Mr.,etc. in China like those felt hats very much.
The felt hat of Shaoxing made materials from the general wool, makes the shape of hats and then the humidification is heated. Push and rub repeatedly by hand, and then make the colors on. It is a thick double-deck adhesive-bonded fabric which is up to about five centimetres, quality is even with the thickness, the texture is strong and soft, firm and wear-resisting top grade, durable in use, generally can wear long time.  With the changes and the change of the custom lives and culture of the times, there are fewer and fewer people wearing this felt hat now, but it has been Shaoxing peasant's characterized hat decorations for a long time, have already left the deep impression in people's mind, Regarding as simbol of characteristic culture in ShaoXing.

China felt hats information
Those felt hats style , fabric include wool, normal size:57-58cm but sure use size of customer. Checked , striped, plaindyed, dobby or other fashion parterns, with nice band, lace or feather as decoration, with MOQ of 200pcs only with competitive wholesale prices and good quality, really a good seller for you.
Our China hat factory can make all kinds of famous felt hats to you, including a tasteful variety of women’s and men's dress hats and casual hats; such as the fedora hat, derby hats, bowler hats, top hats and Australian outback hats. We make all kinds of OEM hats for so many brands. There are still plent of selection of stylish felt hats in our stock, which are still popular in many clients.




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