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Cowboy hats, China Cowboy hats, Wholesale Cowboy hats in our China
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 cowboy hat


cowboy hat


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Cowboy Hats , China Cowboy Hats factory and wholesaler making different materials of good quality cowboy hats, wholesale Hats with competitive prices.

China Cowboy Hats

The cowboy hat initially was made in US because in conformity with the climate of Midwest in U.S.A., with the felt as majority material, can resist the wind, rain, take functionality as the core usage; But present fashion cowboy hat, use to be appearance of the handsome, wild nature of the figure, are mianly for ornamental, materials are changed great deal. Manager of Le Bags brand YanHua Xu observe in China, quality of cowboy hat material with all use of standard quality material at clothes generally now, for silk, lace, flax,etc. for the cowboy hat colors, .the color is not as good as the impression either black or brown, but can collocate powder getting tender department, getting green, getting purple spring and summer, some styles have layers dye gradually, all great hot in spring and summer. Even if time sequence enters from autumn to winter, the cowboy hats still prevails, only changed the material to fleece, no matter match the overcoat of hairy embroidered border, or the soft suit overcoat of twill, with good sense of rough male very much.
Enrico Coveri have cowboy hats too in spring and summer 2007, with bright color as mian factor, like light blue, use to match light tender styles for spring and summer; It is not limited to cowherd's dress to match, even wearing T shirt, suit , out door overcoat ,etc. on ordinary days, wearing cowboy hat seems having being cool type very much. Even if John Galliano disassembles the cowboy hat woven getting brokenly so much, they still seem to have taste very much too.
The young men and women in Tokyo wear the cowboy hats crazy and popularly now, it is estimated this burst of agitation will blow to Taiwan in summer of 2007! The young people of Japan pay attention to the result of the model very much, some experts says, the prevalence of the cowboy hats can be regarded as the style of trend of back-to-ancients bringing, a simple to shut at head one wear law specially, feel, have a few hippop sense, which suitable to them very much. Meanwhile, the proportions of wearing cowboy hats ,girls are higher than that of the boys, with western-style clothes, huge gram of model, even the mao skirt is added Boot ,All this are the young girls’ dresses up in the street at present
China hats develop gradually in recently. You can see Chinese people are seldom to wear cowboy hats in past days, but other traditional hats only, to be effected by culture of western countries, now more and more people like this style hats. But those cowboy hats have very keen style so obviously will not polular as baseball caps and other normal hats. More factoies in China making such cowboy hats over millions, but majority of them are exported to so many other countries worldwide.

China Cowboy hat factory , wholesaler making all kinds of good quality cowboy hats with competitive wholesale prices, Below you can see some information of cowboy hats in our China factory:

China cowboy hat materials:
Leather, of course, very expensive material, but look great. Includes genuine leather, PU leather, artificial leather, oxhide, etc.   Straw, which is normal material for cowboy hats. There are paper straw and normal straw.  Flocking, this is also a normal fabric to make straw hats. Other fiber, cotton, acrylic, polyester, etc.

China Cowboy hat size and measurent.
Of course size and measurement can be different according to requirement of customer.

China Cowboy hat pricing.
Cowboy hat price is decided by fabric, design and quanity. If you want to know the price, send us design and quantity, we will guide you what will be best way to make them reality. Detailed specification is welcome. We can offer unbeatable prices from $0.88-6 /pc with more than over 500 designs.
Cutomized cowboy hats in our factory:
We can make any logo and decoration accroding to option of customer. OEM and ODM service can be provided. Mixed order will be acceptable if you reach to our MOQ. Normally our MOQ is 500pcs/order, can have 2-3 styles per order. 200pcs are avaliable sometimes if we have our stock material in our factory.


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