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Chinese Minority nationalities hats, Chinese hats in different nations


Same with hood and handkerchief, there are plenty kinds of hats in our minority nations in China. With different usages , decoration and act as a important part of clothes, satisfying different demands between nortern and southern, hats are playing an inportant part of dress. General speaking, there are some functions, warm keeping, sun and rain protection, expression of manners,religious belief, fashion decoration. For sure, some of them are connective and combinative. 
Chinese hatsChinese hats
It’s cold in the northern part of China, so many minority nations mostly live nearby river, steppe,  steppe area, accordingly, hats there are required to have basic function to keep warm. So, all the hats there are made by felt, fur, fleece and most of them have ear flap to keep the ear warm as well. Among them, Round hats of Nation Man, felt hats of Nation HeZhe, roedeer hats of Elunchun,  famous “ 4 panels hats” of Mongolian,  fox hats of nation dahaner, felt hats of nation Tu, Lamb hats of nation sala , are all good warm keeping hats.

Chinese hatChinese hat
In winter, mongolian’s “4 panels felt hats”, which is made of sheepskin, or fox fur, or other animal skin for more higher hats, with fur surrounding the hats and can used for protection of ears. Other some nations used this as well , like nation “ tu”.
Chinese hat Chinese hat
Men of Kazak wear different hats according to their different regions and tribes, but famous for their “ 3 leaives” felt hats. In some tribe, they wear this felt hats in winter.  This hats are made in very complicated workmanship and very carefull for material, all using lamb skin, fox fur as row material and red, purple satin as surface, with special fur for the top. This hats are commonly worn in Ili China area, also with another famous hats called “Biaoerke”, a kind of round top felt hat. In Urumchi China, this hats are liked most by tirbe” shukele”, and few in tribe” naikele”.
the Tajik nationality, they wear high, top round fleece hats, with some beautiful patterns and wide tunnel on the side, with lining of lamb skin. Adult are always wearing the black fleece hats with inside lining of black lamb skin.Youth are wearing white opposite. Those hats with flaps both sides and can be pulled down to protect your face and ears when face snowing.
Chinese hat Chinese hat
There are so many stylish hats in Tibetan,  all the hats they worn in winter, are made of fur, cotton or felt with so many different styles, difference is the shape of hats, some are trumpet, some are straight tube, some with front panel or side panels exposed, some are decorated by golden foli, that is to say, styles vary a lots in their nation. But all of hats show the bold and unconstrained feeling.
In summer, hats of minority nation mianly are leaf hat, bamboo hat, with protection of sunshine, raining, mosquito, as those hats are pretty large quantity, so here we only list some special hats with prominent features.
There are plenty of forests in our eastnorthern part of China, there are so many birches there, which is a kind of tree, nation “hezhe” always are using this rind to make hats. In some extent, these hats can be treated as “tree hats”. They can prevent sunshine, raining. It’s cheap cost hat and ordinary can afford this. Similarly with this, some hats are made by wood in southern nation “ yao”, when their girls are 14 ages, they will take off the commom felt hats and start to wear this wood hats,with many towers and silk strings, which can reach to 8kg total for single hat, really their custom and stylish dress.
Chinese hatChinese hat
 In minority nation of “la hu”, their hats some people called “melom hats”, but different from nation “ han”, they are just 6 panels – 8 panels white or blue fabric sewing, and joint together to come out. Those hats are competitive and practical, light and easy to keep, with traditional characteristic as well. Compared with this, the round hats of nation “erme”, are different depends on old men and youth. They are all hard round top bowl style hats.
If only with protection of sun and rain, as well as insects, we can’t deny the triangle hats from Nation JiNuo, their women wear this stylish triangle hat like cloak, there are two flaps downward to protect your ears, it’s very interesting.
    For purpose of sun and rain protecting, we need to mention the special cuim hats from Nation Bai as well.this hats are all well weaved and raw material is cheap, accordingly prices of those hats are competitive, any people can afford it. There are different patterns for youth’s hats, adult’s womens, and mens.there are so many famous songs mentioning those traditional hats among this nation.
There is another important function of some hats : camouflage, which is very important for hunting, Nation HeZhe and Nation Erlunchun are most famous for their hunting in daliy lifies. So those camouflaged hats become extremely important for them, the most famous hats are Chevreuil hats, also can call them artificial animal hats. When they are out for hunting, they wear some kind of winter camouflaged hats all made of Chevreuil fur, will imporve the success of possibility of getting closer to their target.
Gerenal speaking, there are so many interesting and stylish hats among minority nations in China, athough they are all good style hats and with long history, famous as well in their region, but due to some reasons, those hats are not well known to people, not like other hats straw hats, knit hats, beanies which all people know all over the world, but we can deny, some of those hats are really great masterpieces, and can experience and stand still even any impact of trends.


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