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China Hats culture

There is interesting culture of hats in China.Women could not wear hats in ancient times, with age of 15 year old tie up hairHold the head behind or wrap up the hair to finalize the design. Certainly except the hat is worn at the time of the celebration in the festivals of some ethnic minorities, but that is only a kind of ornament. The ancient woman who wears hat has, there are two kinds of those,  women of noble or highest-ranking imperial concubine of the queen and princess,etc. for the moment, wear " the phoenix coronet " " corolla "  ,etc. privilege. Some has maid-servants of officers to wear the hats too, it is power and symbol of status as well. Cross from moustache people passing, coming over, let say " curtain hats", are improved hats in woman of upper class noble

in the the Tang Dynasty ,there is a yarn for the hats, to avoide Man to view, Preventing the strange man from stealing a glance at one's own “woman " ,It is equivalent to the black yarn of the women of Islamic area of today. Chinese women began since the latter stage of Qing Dynasty, studied Western women to generally took the tradition of the hats, various summer hats, block hoods, can be originally seen to be the symbol of a kind of position too, which reflects were thorough ornament and practical value later.

From source and development of the hats, it’s easy to see that hats totally reflected the social power and position of man right, and this kind of historical development and history disintegrated gradually.


Regarding the culture of hats, we can divide into two major groups, first, bureaucrat's culture but, in order to use " the black gauze cap ", which means the rights. Start to wear " coherent allusion quatation " cloud " ,King Wen of Sui Dynasty turn on the beginning such as emperor, are tasting the black gauze hat  ",The black gauze hat became the symbol of Chinese bureaucrat's culture later. In addition it is the folk culture, can use " the green hat " Briefly.

" black gauze cap "  Culture is as follows, the will of the high crown, establish the ideal of acting the official; Righteous and honourable, solemn and honest, have magnificent very; Congratulate each other on the prospect of getting good appointments, congratulate promotion each other; Immuaculately dressed, having very good manners and poise; The brute, seemingly noble false vilain; Full of angry, get angry to the limit; Fasten one person's story upon another person, has reversed the position. Worthless person in stately dress, liken the hideous feature with impolite the vilain's ignorance. These idioms can be spoken and very reflected well "  The hat " Power,except status,act as the orthodox, symbolic meaning on whose name is bright,last ruling class, linked to with man, the culture of bureaucrat said to be in the cap, man right culture.

" green hat "  Folk for culture,linked to only as woman,is it regard by woman " getting more loyal non- " against man as ,The negative example which serves as a lesson of challenge of man's position appears, is a warning to the woman too, don't wear for the husband "  Green hat "  .
According to historical development of the hat, the coronet that China is initial , which can be regarded as " the hat " ,After the hat is introduced to Central Plains from moustache people, stand up popularly through improving. The modern hat starts from the spreading into Westernly directly.
In the modern society "  The hat " We can say that here in history "  The reverse direction "  Develop, it is not position and power again and symbolize, become a kind of ornament and defend the tool of the hot and resisting cold, became a kind of embodiment with beautiful pursuit that a kind of modish hat becomes the modern woman, the man seldom to wear the hat instead, just for a recreation hat at most.

An undeniable one is the hats in some special trades and narrow and small fields are still a kind of symbol, mark and discern, even the symbol such as army hats, alert hats and doctor's white hat for nurse, trencher hat, the special hat that the religious personage took,etc.. The safe helmet is the speciality protected the head and used.








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